German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water

Safety Certificate Contractors


Bauinnung Grafschaft Bentheim

District Craft Guild Grafschaft Bentheim

Accredited company.

DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)

logo dvgwDVGW CERT GmbH is Europe's largest certifier for branches in the gas and water industry, and it issues all certifications required in the area.

Together with their test laboratories, DVGW CERT GmbH analyses, certifies and monitors gas and water related technical products, quality and environmental management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 and DIN EN ISO 14001, as well as companies and persons (experts). An industry-specific layout and efficient engagement of the individual processes is therefore guaranteed.


Das Unternehmen erlangt die DVGW-GW 301 Zertifizierung und ist damit ein Fachunternehmen gemäß Regelwerk der DVGW im Jahr 1999.