German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water

Safety Certificate Contractors


Bauinnung Grafschaft Bentheim

District Craft Guild Grafschaft Bentheim

Accredited company.

Teamwork with Dedication

From the outset, the company provided a fully trained workforce with high quality equipment and complete belief in the employees. The result is a solid and qualified company with over 60 employees.

2 Management
1 Deputy Manager
4 Administrative Employees
1 Project Manager
4 Construction Managers
1 Senior Electrician / Safety Officer
6 Electricians
4 Telecommunication Technicians
1 Pipe Network Technician
5 Gas Fitters and Plumbers
1 Road Constructor
5 Foremen – Civil Engineering
4 Assistant Foremen
6 Machinists
15 Civil Engineers
2 Fitters
1 Warehouseman