German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water

Safety Certificate Contractors


Bauinnung Grafschaft Bentheim

District Craft Guild Grafschaft Bentheim

Accredited company.

System Failures

Eliminating damage and disruption to gas, water, electricity and Telecom systems, etc. We offer our clients a 24-hour service, 365 days a year. In the area of telecommunication networks, we also carry out fault finding and re-programming.


Planning of short and long distance heating pipes for biogas, as well as for telecommunication networks of all kinds, quotations for all services in the area of supply and disposal technology, as well as ground and surface works.


All above-mentioned services are carried out with the latest equipment technology and mechanical engineering by our trained and certified personnel.

With its highly technical and modern fleet and experienced and knowledgeable staff, the company is able to implement all orders at short notice with a high degree of flexibility.